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Mount Shamballa

Mount Shamballa – The Global Power Centre

The time is ripe when India awakens from its deep slumber of self–ignorance. Moments for demonstrating to the world the grandeur of past glories as a commander of the spiritual world are here right now. The Supreme Masters sternly deem that India has got the fortitude to take the entire humanity to the next level of Evolution. Shamballa is the centre that remotely inspires and energizes the humanity. The Divine Conglomeration of Supreme Masters who govern the evolutionary processes on the planet Earth from “Shamballa” is allowing the downpour of energies onto the planet that are capable of sprouting the Divinity amongst human beings and thus transforming man into a Divine Being. In order to hasten the descent of Heaven on Earth, mankind with the physical existence needs to grasp the energy streams that are being emanated from the mystic lands of Shamballa in the deep Himalayas. With this objective, the mystic Shamballa in the deep north India has relocated to down South, in Hyderabad. In this auspicious timeline of advent of the New Era, scientific spiritual concepts that are helpful for man to get transformed naturally into a Divine Being, are being disseminated from Shamballa. Mount Shamballa–The Global Power Centre has emerged as a driving force to awaken the latent divine energies in mankind and to consolidate them with the energies of Nature.

A glimpse of the salient features of Mount Shamballa–The Global Power Centre

Circa 1988, during the days of the auspicious Maha Shivarathri, there was a severe hailstorm with a downpour of large blocks of ice on the hillock where the present Mount Shamballa is located. The ice blocks sustained there on the hillock for the next 5–6 days, causing from a distance a visual effect of the Himalayas. Until this metaphorical event took place, there was an illumination that was visible from the hillock, which the villagers nearby considered very auspicious. But, after this event, the illumination ceased to appear over the hillock. 18 years after the occurrence of this phenomenal event, Mount Shamballa–The Global Power Centre was established. There was a host of scientific research that was carried out on this phenomenon, out of which a complex concept of the “Pole Shift” was being tried to be proven. “Pole Shift”, in short, is not a switching over of the poles from north to south and vice versa, but a transfer of the energies pertaining to the north to the south. Shamballa that is believed to exist some 10,000–12,000 ft above in the deep mystic Himalayas has manifested physically as Mount Shamballa–The Global Power Centre down south in Hyderabad. At Mount Shamballa – The Global Power Centre, there is a direct correspondence to the tale of Indradyumna in the Puranas. Similar to how Indradyumna installs the deities of Jagannath, Balabhadra and Subhadra at Puri, marking the advent of Satya Yuga, the same deities are found at Shamballa Teertha as self-formed rocks of Divya Agni. It was from these rocks that the erstwhile illumination was seen before the hailstorm of 1988. This is undoubtedly a mark of the advent of Satya Yuga in the current times. One may attain disease-free vibrant life by reciting the Apaambheshaja (Jala Chikitsa) Sookta from the Atharva Veda while taking the holy bath at Shamballa Teertha.


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Idea = I deal with my idea

An idol is a physical manifestation of the ideal. Physical forms of energy that are capable of fulfilling the desires in human life are manifested as idols and are adored, worshipped and praised all over. For example, Mahalakshmi is a pure physical energy form in nature that bestows resources in life. Undeterred Sadhana of Mahalakshmi by any human should endorse him of all the resources like wealth, health, prosperity and courage. The concept of Devalayas where deities (idols) are prayed, symbolizes this law of nature that by Sadhana one can become the deity oneself.

Our ancient Indian culture explains the importance of imparting a commendable list of ideals in one’s life to attain the highest goal. King Harishchandra, by his truthful and virtuous living stood exemplary to the humanity and is being called Satya Harishchandra, an embodiment of Truth, even today. Mahatma Gandhi personified himself as a non-violent crusader and evolved as an idol of Ahimsa.

Mount Shamballa, The Global Power Centre sprints ahead with this objective to impart this knowledge among humans and pave the Path to attain Disease free, Old age free and Immortal life and descend heaven on Planet Earth.


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